Learn all about Preventive Maintenance in a simple way!

Preventive Maintenance. This is an increasingly sought-after solution by organizations looking to perform at the highest cost. This is because it aims to prevent equipment failures, so that the operation is continuous and it is not necessary to bear repairs and emergency changes.

Today, more than necessary, anticipating problems and keeping the company with high performance has become a fundamental issue, since the market expects agility, competition is high, customers are demanding and expenses must be controlled to minimize losses.

If you’ve come this far, it’s probably because you’re interested in getting this and other differentials brought by proactive conduct. In that case, you’ve come to the right place. Follow our article and learn all about it!

Learn more about Preventive Maintenance


According to NBR 5462,of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), preventive maintenance is the set of technical and administrative actions with the objective of reducing the probability of failure or degradation of the operation of an item.

In practice, the processes take place through the planning of periodic inspections on various types of machinery and equipment,whether industrial, automotive, hydraulic, among others. Some results, in this case, are the conservation of assets, the safety of workers, customer satisfaction and the economy.

The issue of maintenance in times of Industry 4.0


Preventive maintenance is a concept that began in the 1950s, between the Period of World War II and post-war, when the sector realized the need to ensure reliability and availability of assets while maintaining productivity. Since then it has been used to restore the original conditions of the equipment, before potential failures arise.

Like countless other processes, this has undergone significant changes from industry 4.0 technologies. Today, what is expected is to perform an increasing number of maintenance activities, with increasingly optimized features.

For this, technological resources such as artificial intelligence and internet of things (IoT) are used, which help in the insertion of the future element, enabling us to have answers to situations that have not yet occurred, but would if no action were taken.

One of the concepts of Industry 4.0 is the creation of a virtual model of the machines and the entire production system, so that it is controlled and can be operated remotely. This is facilitated with the use of sensors, which send the control software the situation of each equipment. The system, which allows the detection of irregularities in real time, can be based on preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and predictive maintenance.

Corrective maintenance x preventive maintenance x predictive maintenance: understand the differences


As we mention, industrial maintenance is composed of three methods, which are applied at different times, as well as bring different results. To make you understand each of them better, here’s what they’re all about:

  • Preventive maintenance: aims to reduce failures or falls in machine performance through a pre-elaborated schedule in which periodic inspections are included;
  • Predictive maintenance: actsin the routine inspection of equipment to identify abnormalities that may cause problems. This periodic monitoring is used by data collected through monitoring or inspections. The most used techniques are vibration analysis, ultrasound, visual inspection and non-destructive analysis techniques.
  • Corrective maintenance: Occurs when a fault is already detected and activities occur in an unscheduled manner. As can be imagined, in this case there may be interruption in activities and unexpected costs due to the actions carried out in an emergency manner.

From what you have been able to prove, you need to have an adequate maintenance planning, which includes preventive maintenance, to avoid losses, to the same extent that you get better results.

The importance of preventive maintenance for your organization


It is possible that you have already heard the saying “the cheap that comes out expensive”. It applies well when it comes to lack of maintenance in an organization. After all, when inspections are seen as a cost and not an investment, the company ends up spending exorbitant amounts with unexpected failures.

In addition, equipment that is not reviewed periodically may have loss in performance without demonstrating, requiring a higher expenditure of electricity, for example.

When the organization invests in preventive maintenance, the scenario is just the opposite. In this case, some advantages are:

  • ensures maximum use of the life of the machines;
  • optimizes resources for reasons such as having more time to search suppliers, lower costs of repairs and parts changes, and minimizing overtime by unexpected stops;
  • quality of the operation, since production is carried out on time and, consequently, customers are satisfied;
  • prevention of accidents at work, ranging from the simplest to the most serious, capable of bringing incalculable damage.

With these factors, it is clear the importance of this type of maintenance to decrease the probability of failures. But in order to be advantageous and make sense for the company, it needs to beused strategically, based on well-structured planning and the best partnerships and tools.

To help companies perform preventive maintenance and their other subtypes efficiently, Nalbatech provides SAN Mobile, a platform that helps teams perform consultations, updates, data release and order confirmation in real time, 100% compatible with SAP® PM module.

This brings process automation securely and simply, all in user-friendly, fast and intuitive interfaces, so companies minimize errors and reduce time spent on highly transactional processes.

We hope that our article will help your organization to rely on well-structured maintenance processes. Interested in knowing Nalbatech’s solutions for process automation? So contact one of our expertsright now!

Industry 4.0 – What changes in maintenance?

Technology is in advance and every day the concept of industry 4.0 gains more strength in all areas of the market. The first three industrial revolutions allowed mass production, assembly lines, electricity and information technology. The fourth generates a much deeper impact, as it is characterized by a set of technologies that makes the fusion of the physical, digital and biological world. But what is the impact of industry 4.0 on maintenance? Check out the following article.

Industry 4.0: what is it?

It was at the Hanover Fair in 2011 that the term Industry 4.0 was first used. At the time, it was a way of naming the changes that occurred in industrial processes through technology and computerization. In fact, it is an industry concept that encompasses the main technological innovations in the areas of automation, control and technology applied to manufacturing processes.

In summary, Industry 4.0 means the increase of technologies in the manufacturing industry, with machines and equipment fully integrated into internet networks. With this, the management of processes becomes simpler and in real time, allowing access from any location.

However, according to information from the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI),about 43 of the companies still do not identify digital technologies as driving factors in the industry. This is because the high cost of implementation, the difficulty of return on investment, the structure and the new culture end up generating great challenges for the adoption of these technologies in manufacturing.

Industry principles 4.0

Industry 4.0 has features that allow you to collect and analyze machine data. With this, the processes become more agile and efficient, improving production and consequently reducing costs. However, for its implementation it is necessary to know and apply the six principles of industry 4.0 that determine intelligent production systems. Check out!

1. Interoperability

Interoperability addresses the ability of systems to connect with other systems. In summary, the contact between the employees responsible for productivity and the equipment used in the process becomes possible through the Internet of Things and a management system, such as ERP, for example. With this, you can collect data that can be used by a company value chain.

2. Modularity

With Industry 4.0 it is possible to plan manufacturing in modules, that is, with a production more focused on customization. In summary, manufacturing can be done according to the demand, coupling and uncoupling of modules in production. This brings much more flexibility to modify equipment demands very easily. With this, it is also possible to save more and improve production.

3. Decentralization

This is one of the principles of the fourth most anticipated revolution by the market, as it will be able to reduce errors and costs. Moreover, the technologies involved in the production processes of a company already adapted to Industry 4.0, allow systems to have autonomy to make decisions according to the needs of manufacturing. In this process, electronic tools know exactly what to do through machine learning-based analytics.

4. Service Guidance

This principle refers to the connection of humans and machines to perform certain tasks. This concept also aims to make the applications used available as a kind of service. The advantage is to standardize methods and processes, so that practices are followed more easily and criteria, according to planning.

5. Real-time capability

This principle is fundamental because it is about the ability to react to the events of the value chain in real time. The sum of data usage and a management system, that is, using the Internet of Things in favor of your company allows you to control and analyze in real time everything that is necessary for decision making. In addition, it makes known all the steps and development of each process.

6. Virtualization

Virtualization is a principle that allows information to be compiled. For this, it is necessary to have a team trained in dataanalysis, so that the information collected is a differential for manufacturing, also generating competitiveness in the market.

Industry 4.0 in maintenance: understand the relationship

With the arrival of Industry 4.0 in maintenance, processes have evolved. That is, the term preventive became predictive, after all, the new technologies allow to identify sources of potential failures in order to take action before they occur.

The changes that the fourth industrial revolution brought have a direct impact on the processes and the way products are manufactured. The impact of Industry 4.0 on asset maintenance is made through solutions, which enable management in production systems to become simpler. Thus, you can have a greater capacity for operation and planning.

This makes it easier to identify the causes of errors and avoid them before they even occur. Industry 4.0 in maintenance is premised to analyze performance indicators and predict the causes of equipment failures and depreciation. In this process, risk analysis techniques are widely used.

Affordable data from anywhere

The dynamics of maintenance in the fourth revolution is totally new and unites the concepts of preventive and predictive maintenance with intelligent monitoring. This is all integrated with online and real-time access to information in the production chain. Thus, the professional can access the data of any factory, regardless of where it is located, and can even be in units of different countries, for example.

This information can be important for quick and assertive decision making. Thus, it is possible that the maintenance area has an increasingly strategy applied to the processes, increasing productivity in the organization and reducing losses by stopped machines.

For example, if there is an imminent failure in the components of a machine, the professional can verify exactly which equipment is in trouble and the exact position of the occurrence. It is also possible to generate graphs through an integrated software, facilitating the study of the source of the failure and the behavior of the problem. Industry 4.0 in maintenance also allows systems to be interconnected providing greater control of processes.

Industry 4.0’s maintenance solutions

We have already realized how much Industry 4.0 impacts predictive maintenance. In fact, the industry needs to be highly effective in its processes to meet the numerous demands, that is, they need to meet strict supply schedules. Any failure can interfere with the production chain.

In this sense, technologies bring new features to improve predictive maintenance and make it more efficient, cost-effective, and more accurate. But for this, it is necessary to use different technological solutions, which allow to provide data for operational and informative support. These data are highly essential for the performance of managers and maintenance teams.

Machine Learning

Industry 4.0 in maintenance works with Machine Learning linked to artificial intelligence and brings an elementary concept to the modern industry. Applying this reality to equipment is much simpler today.

The technology and automation features allow this implementation more conveniently for professionals. With Machine Learning it is possible to program and manage large industries, organizing the demands and routines of maintenance professionals.

Big Data

We’ve talked about how important data is and how it can be used through Industry 4.0 in maintenance. In this era, they are highly important items, as they allow to control methodologies and management systems in a strategic way. Thus, Big Data becomes indispensable in predictive maintenance.

Through Big Data, information collected in relation to failures, maintenance and repairs becomes an important tool to provide an overview of equipment performance. In addition, with this data in hand it is possible to replace any equipment easily and even have a quick and accurate decision making if necessary.

IOT (Internet of Things)

The Internet of Things is increasingly present in industrial production processes and is a great ally of predictive maintenance. After all, the productive sector has been transformed with the implementation of new technologies, with sensors and data sharing. With IOT, three technology fronts are generally applied in the industry, such as sensor-driven computing, industrial analysis, and intelligent machine application.

Data that was once inaccessible, become part of the day-to-day industrial planning. With this, it is possible to create new sources of revenue and explore the capabilities of the fronts implemented with Industry 4.0 in maintenance. In addition, any failure is quickly identified and reported to the responsible teams, allowing for early action.

And you, like to know more about how Industry 4.0 is positively impacting maintenance? Also know that Nalbetech can take your company to a high level in this direction, bringing the best technological solutions. Want to know more about it? Please contact us.



SAN Mobile – Mobility has arrived in Enterprise Maintenance

Recentemente o uso de dispositivos mobile aliados a aplicativos vem ganhando espaço nas atividades empresariais. Esse tipo de solução aliada com tecnologia tem chamado cada vez mais a atenção dos gestores de manutenção, que por sua vez desejam obter uma maior eficiência operacional e consequente redução de custos de manutenção. São tempos difíceis, com poucos recursos a disposição e por isso tona-se necessário conseguir fazer mais com menos.

A mobilidade para gestão da manutenção, já é realidade e está disponível para ser utilizada e aproveitada. Por isso, no post a seguir, abordaremos um pouco dessa solução e quais vantagens sua empresa pode ter ao adotá-la. Continue lendo!


Para quem já tem o SAP – PM – Manutenção da Planta implantado em sua empresa, percebe que falta algo a mais para potencializar a ferramenta e conseguir obter melhores resultados. Seguindo essa premissa, o SAN Mobile, aplicativo mobile desenvolvido pela Nalbatech, veio para turbinar seu ERP no que tange a Mobilidade na Manutenção da Planta.



Several SAP PM functionalities were transferred to the application, allowing access to any location of the company, even in situations where there is no ON-Line connection, since one of the main advantages of the application is to allow working offline.

Screen – SAN Mobile Menu

Through SAN Mobile, the company gains speed in accessing information, allowing the Maintenance Technician to access various information such as: Notes, Orders, Equipment, Installation Locations, Characteristics, Warranties, Measurement Documents, Confirmation of Individual and Collective Hours, in addition to to be able to create and view Attachments.

The idea is to add more functionality, in a practical and simple way, always looking for a value-added product that can really enhance the functionality of SAP PM.

SAN Mobile features











SAN Mobile was designed to be used in any segment. With few customizations it is adapted for your company, preserving all the existing business rules in SAP, whether they are standard or customized.


























With SAN Mobile, PCM no longer needs to print that huge amount of Service Orders. Everything is available on Técnico’s mobile device and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. And if it is OFF-Line, all changes made in the application will be synchronized with SAP PM, when it is ON-Line.

Safety and Warranty

When the Technician is executing a Service Order, SAN Mobile warns about the security conditions that the Site has, such as risks of electricity, height, confined spaces, etc. In addition, information on Warranties assigned to Equipment is also displayed.


If you want to know more about SAN Mobile, contact us and schedule a visit.

Collaboration: Adalberto Palmieri – SAP Consultant


Nalbatech discusses Industry 4.0 at CIO SAB and Business Technology Innovation

The company is one of the highlights in the events for Industry 4.0, with a presentation on a platform for automation of maintenance processes.

Francisco Bernabeu, CEO of Nalbatech, will participate in two events promoted by EBDI, focusing on industry 4.0. On September 18 and 19, the executive will be at Villa Bisutti – Casa do Ator, in São Paulo, where he will participate in a session, on the 19th at 10:30 am, to talk about the automation of maintenance processes. The event aims to discuss how to build a sustainable operation, aiming to contribute to the change and evolution of the Brazilian industrial park.

The following week, Francisco Bernabeu will participate, between September 25, 26 and 27, in CIO SAB 2019, in the interior of São Paulo. The purpose of this event is Back To Basic – Deconstruct to evolve by addressing the importance of the business partner and how he can contribute to the achievement of goals established in strategic planning.

One of the points to be addressed by the company during the events, will be the use of SAN Mobile to automate maintenance processes according to industry 4.0.

About Nalbatech

Founded in 2010, a multinational company based in São Paulo, operates in the technology area, with the mission of breaking the paradigm of complexity that involves IT solutions, offering solutions of high performance, flexibility and adequate cost.

Nalbatech expands debate on Industry 4.0 at SAP NOW Brasil

In order to discuss innovations in Industry 4.0, Nalbatech participates in the 2019 edition of SAP NOW Brazil, an event formerly called SAP Forum.

SAP NOW Brasil will take place on September 11 and 12 at the Transamérica Expo Center, in São Paulo. On the occasion, Nalbatech will introduce visitors to the benefits of an automation platform for maintenance processes, SAN Mobile.

With the offer, companies of all sizes and segments can transform their processes, minimizing errors and making data reliable.

In a space for lectures, Nalbatech will receive visitors, for quick presentations on 9/11, at 11:30 am and 12:10 pm and on 12/09, at 11:30 am and 4:30 pm. During the presentations, Francisco Bernabeu, CEO of Nalbatech, will exchange experiences on how he sees the market and how the company’s solution automates in a simple and secure way with SAP PM.

Want to participate in the event? Sign up now at the link: https://bit.ly/SAPNOWBRASIL

SAP NOW Brasil

Nalbatech at SAP NOW Brasil