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Nalbatech emerged at the end of 2010 thanks to the investment and trust of Brazilian and Spanish entrepreneurs, also including the help of a group specialized in information technology to end the paradigm of complexity that involves IT solutions. Thus, it started offering innovative solutions with flexibility and costs appropriate to the Brazilian market.

2013 was a milestone for the consolidation of the company: Nalbatech acquired productive and strategic portfolios from local companies due to the need to develop differentiated products in information security and that made the integration of different platforms and tools.

Integration with Nfq Group

Still in 2013, the first conversations with the Nfq Group started. At the time, this highly recognized Spanish group, focused on the consultancy sector in the finance, payment and insurance market, sought to carry out a corporate operation in Brazil that would allow it to enter the national market quickly and competitively.

The synergy between both companies was great during the negotiations. In addition, the strategy of offering innovative and complementary solutions to business consultancy with flexibility and seniority, made this integration happen quickly.

Thus, from this connection, Nalbatech started to offer its customers a high knowledge of the specificities and practices of the national market resulting from its Know-How.

All this without losing the capacity for innovation and improvement, currently with more than 500 professionals with high capacity and experience in the consulting and technology market.


“To be a company with a differential in the training and identification of human and technological resources, which bring innovative and differentiated solutions to our customers, thus increasing their productivity and competitiveness”


"To be recognized as a company with an innovative and aggregating vision, which takes its customers, employees and shareholders to the best performance and result"


Determination, Respect and Professionalism are the main pillars that guide the conduct and relationship with professionals and customers in the day-to-day of the company.
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We are SAP Partner, and we guarantee quality and commitment to delivering value to our customers. We work to offer more and more high-level service, within the standards established by SAP, and with a staff of highly qualified professionals and constantly updated.

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