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SAN Mobile – Mobility has arrived in Enterprise Maintenance

Recently, the use of mobile devices combined with applications has been gaining ground in business activities. This type of solution combined with technology has increasingly attracted the attention of maintenance managers, who in turn want to achieve greater operational efficiency and a consequent reduction in maintenance costs. These are difficult times, with few resources available and that is why it is necessary to be able to do more with less.

Mobility for maintenance management is already a reality and is available to be used and used. Therefore, in the following post, we will discuss a little of this solution and what advantages your company may have when adopting it. Keep reading!


For those who already have SAP – PM – Plant Maintenance implemented in their company, they realize that something else is missing to enhance the tool and achieve better results. Following this premise, SAN Mobile, a mobile application developed by Nalbatech, came to boost its ERP in terms of Mobility in Plant Maintenance.



Several SAP PM functionalities were transferred to the application, allowing access to any location of the company, even in situations where there is no ON-Line connection, since one of the main advantages of the application is to allow working offline.

Screen – SAN Mobile Menu

Through SAN Mobile, the company gains speed in accessing information, allowing the Maintenance Technician to access various information such as: Notes, Orders, Equipment, Installation Locations, Characteristics, Warranties, Measurement Documents, Confirmation of Individual and Collective Hours, in addition to to be able to create and view Attachments.

The idea is to add more functionality, in a practical and simple way, always looking for a value-added product that can really enhance the functionality of SAP PM.

SAN Mobile features











SAN Mobile was designed to be used in any segment. With few customizations it is adapted for your company, preserving all the existing business rules in SAP, whether they are standard or customized.


























With SAN Mobile, PCM no longer needs to print that huge amount of Service Orders. Everything is available on Técnico’s mobile device and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. And if it is OFF-Line, all changes made in the application will be synchronized with SAP PM, when it is ON-Line.

Safety and Warranty

When the Technician is executing a Service Order, SAN Mobile warns about the security conditions that the Site has, such as risks of electricity, height, confined spaces, etc. In addition, information on Warranties assigned to Equipment is also displayed.


If you want to know more about SAN Mobile, contact us and schedule a visit.

Collaboration: Adalberto Palmieri – Consult SAP


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