The 5 Benefits of Becoming a Paperless Industry

Welcome to Industry 4.0, the name given to the growing combination of platforms and traditional manufacturing practices with the latest intelligent technology.

Currently, there is no doubt that technology is playing a significant role in our daily lives, and therefore the increasingly connected culture in which we live is also impacting industries.

This scenario focuses primarily on the use of large-scale M2M (Machine to Machine) and Internet of Things (IoT) deployments to provide more enhanced automation, communication and monitoring capabilities.

We can also talk about intelligent machines that can analyze and diagnose problems without the need for human intervention.

Industry 4.0 is also marked by digitalization, in which the transition from paper to digital and online is a reality. This digital transformation brings the benefit of a more sustainable world, making companies save and prosper more and more.

That is why the concept of Paperlessis becoming so present today. To help you better understand the concept, we have prepared this complete article on the topic. Check out!

Paperless Industry: What is it?

Paperlesshas grown over the past few years, as manually inserting data into spreadsheets or physical files has become increasingly dangerous due to repeated inaccuracies.

Therefore, there is in fact an industry recognition of the benefits of technology for this purpose. A digital solution makes manufacturing more assertive, faster and more flexible in its internal processes.

As such, the Paperlessindustry is nothing more than a smart and economical choice for many companies to abolish paper on the factory floor and let technology work in their favor.

In addition, this decision results in a better quality index, effectiveness in innovation and rapid updating of business procedures.

The benefits of becoming a Paperless industry

With technological development, companies from all sectors are updating to new market options in order to ensure greater control over documents, data, metrics and facilities. All of this, oddly enough, can be initiated by transforming physical processes (paper) into a digital solution. So, learn about 5 of the countless benefits of becoming a paperlessindustry.

1. Cost reduction

Imagine that 10,000 sheets of paper used by each company employee cost more than $370.00. Now, multiply that by everyone in your workplace and increase the cost of using printers, copiers, toners, fax machines and other devices that can be virtually eliminated in the Paperlessindustry.

The numbers are a little scary. Then add the cost of cabinets and people to maintain them. For this reason, the Paperlessindustry estimates that all this waste in paper and consequently in money can be avoided with the content of ten thousand sheets in a device that fits in your hand, for example.

2. More flexibility and speed

The rapid analysis of data related to a product or service provided results in a resolution of the problem in a satisfactory manner to the customer.

This is because faster and more objective processes eliminate costly and confusing procedures. This is all part of the Paperlessindustry, a more precise and agile era.

3. High Performance

This is the most attractive benefit of the Paperlessindustry. Electronic documents are instantly and simultaneously available to everyone who needs them.

This means fewer transfers, less time wasted in transit, reduced waiting times and less risk of lost information. Going digital also offers the potential to rethink workflows to save even more time, as well as improve teamwork, as multiple people can work on documents simultaneously.

4. Faster access to information

Employees of paper-intensive companies often spend a long time looking for documents, since most of them are filed incorrectly or simply lost.

And the loss of working time does not take into account the many related light costs, such as processing delays and customer frustration, for example.

Compare the ease of a Google search with the task of searching large files to find information. This is the difference that digital processing makes.

5. Risk reduction and security

This may seem like a strange benefit to mention, considering the frequency of recent cyber attacks, but electronic documents are more secure than printed ones.

Even digital records can become unreadable through encryption. They also have the ability to be protected against printing, copying and sharing. Through a digital solution, access controls are able to specify viewing privileges to a good level of granularity.

Audit trails reveal who accessed and when each document specifically. On the other hand, printed documents are not as secure as they can be easily copied.

The challenges of eliminating paper in factories

Even with all the apparent benefits and others not mentioned in the Paperlessindustry, it is a fact that several factories still have difficulty in eliminating paper from their daily process.

It is certainly not an easy task to implement. Making this transition is a process that can take some time, especially for older companies that are used to and based on indiscriminate consumption of paper.

However, change is clearly the path to growth and advancement in the market. Knowing this, there are ways to carry out this process in an intelligent and practical way, focusing only on your company, as well as your business.

Nalbatech can help your company become Paperlessso that technology is the bridge for all procedures and processes that involve your line of business.

Nalbatech also believes that the transition to the paperless shop floor can be carried out in a practical and efficient way, using everything that technology can offer.

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