How to minimize errors and reduce time spent on transactional processes with SAP

Perhaps the most commonly used and most important types of processes in any organization are transactional processes. They define the main activities that a company needs to perform in order for it to succeed in its business.


Transactional tasks, although automated, are repetitive and routine, which can invariably cause errors and a lot of time spent performing the activities.


So we’ve prepared this article to show how SAP can help your business by making tasks involving transactional processes much more agile. Shall we check it out?


Transactional processes: what are they?


Transactional processes have little human interference and a large volume of integrations between different systems. Generally, these processes are repetitive and have a short life cycle, and can rotate thousands of times in a short time. We can cite electronic purchases, payment processing and automatic quotations as an example of transactional processes.


Currently, transactional processes have been the focus of systems integration tools.


What are the benefits of automating your company’s transactional processes


Automating transactional processes is essential for companies that need quick responses, especially in decision making.


As stated earlier, one of the main characteristics of transactional processes is repetitive routine. The automation of this system can bring benefits such as cost reduction, increased productivity, simplification of processes, agility in decision making, accessibility and availability of information.


How SAP assists in these processes


With the advancement of industry 4.0, the integrated automation of all transactional processes within companies has become a trend, and the implementation of SAP along these processes can optimize the flow of information, improving its quality and delivery time, a perfect scenario for managers and coordinators to focus on making more effective decisions.

The SAP platform assists in transactional processes because it sees the entire customer journey. The beginning, when the consumer contacts the company, seeking information about the desired product and requesting it, when found; medium, when payment is approved, the product is separated and packed for delivery, and close, when customer receives the product.


Among SAP modules, ERP remains the core of the company. However, this system increasingly works integrated with other solutions, whether on-premise, cloud or hybrid, and therefore needs to be more flexible to meet market demands, especially with regard to transactional processes.


In this scenario, the SAP PM Module is considered a state-of-the-art system in relation to transactional maintenance processes, as it provides resources to plan and manage all maintenance in an automated manner, making it easier to determine when and where they will happen, including those responsible as well.


SAN Mobile: an essential tool to shorten time with highly transactional processes


For your company to be able to compete in the digital age, your management solution needs to strengthen decision-making, based on reliable data from a unique source and provide the use of analytics capable of optimizing all strategic planning involving transactional processes, including maintenance.


It is a fact that, in the digital economy, real-time planning and action helps the company reinvent itself, connect not only to commercial devices and networks, but also to potential customers, offering more flexible services, with reduced errors and service time.


The SAP system is a very important tool for any company, as it integrates several business operations and improves productivity, besides helping to reduce costs and save time.


Thus, to automate the processes of maintaining your company in a simple way in a friendly platform and with intuitive design, the SAN Mobilesolution , mobile maintenance application developed by Nalbatech is ideal to reduce the time spent in transactional processes.


Through SAN Mobile, employees have a powerful feature to access and update Maintenance Orders, equipment information and installation locations, for example. All through the palm of your hand, from a mobile device.

In addition, the application automatically controls access to the functionality from the user’s access profile in SAP.


Now that you know how to minimize errors and reduce the time spent on this type of process with SAP, how about you start planning your business? Contact Nalbatech and find out how we can help you!