What are you missing without SAN Mobile

Agility, mobility and assertiveness in real time for better decision making, this is what your company loses when it does not have SAN Mobile. Really look like? The truth is that, with technological evolution encouraging companies to move forward, their processes must be monitored more and more. Avoiding slips is the mission of companies that seek maximum efficiency. For this, it is necessary to have a “magnifying glass” pointed at the factory floor at all times. Thus, maintenance management can be applied broadly and accurately. But how to expand the actions, since in certain cases the software is restricted to the office, and the real maintenance – hands on – is on the factory floor?

The first part of the solution is to have a good ERP in the company. Not least, a 2018 survey found that investment in this type of technology was a priority for 53% of companies.

But after all, is this investment worth it? For 95% of the companies interviewed by Panorama Consulting, ERP came to improve their processes.

In the case of industries, whose plants have factories to create their products, the technological solution is even more necessary. In addition to organizing processes, aligning all production, an ERP such as SAP, which has the PM module, can also assist in maintenance management.

What is the SAP PM module?

Quickly: this is the Plant Maintenance (PM) management module present in SAP ERP.

Com ele, a empresa integra todo controle de manutenção, aparando as pontas soltas que a condução analógica do setor deixa. Thus, the company strengthens its preventive maintenance actions, planning each step inside the factory floor.

O módulo PM do SAP permite à empresa modernizar a forma com que lida com a manutenção do maquinário. Dessa forma, centraliza as informações e facilita o controle de cada intervenção feita — obtendo dados essenciais que, mais tarde, podem servir de insumo para aprimorar as estratégias.

What’s missing from the PM module?

Although a perfectly functional solution, companies that rely on the PM module can find scenarios in which they would like even more agility.

In other words, truth be told, while the ERP PM module works on a computer, real maintenance takes place on the factory floor.

Whether it’s a few or many steps away, but with limitations: what if there is an electrical instability, do employees lose contact with the software? How is the update of information and progress of your inspections – whether already scheduled or urgent?

That’s where SAN Mobile comes in. Understand more!

How can SAN Mobile impact your company’s management?

O SAN Mobile é um aplicativo desenvolvido pela Nalbatech, que pode ser integrado às soluções SAP, permitindo realizar a manutenção de forma remota.

A solução é específica para a gestão de manutenção e possibilita que os profissionais realizem inspeções e manutenções de forma ágil e remota, mesmo sem conexão online ao SAP PM.

This reduces the level of rework and maintenance failures, after all, regardless of whether or not they have an internet connection, the team is able to use the SAP PM data to carry out their work. The software, in turn, is updated with the application information once it is synchronized back to the Internet.

Thus, it is possible to reduce parallel interventions, which can disorganize the collected data and generate distrust in the solution.

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Broad access to information and data

Certainly, the main benefit of SAN Mobile is the ability to work offline. That is, even in environments without an internet connection, the team has access to any system feature or functionality.

SAN Mobile professionals can access notes, orders, equipment data, installation locations, mediation documents, hours of activities and tasks, and more.

This is possible because SAN Mobile has a database of the application itself, which gives you the potential to use it even offline.

In other words, we talk about more mobility for its professionals and high accessibility to information and data, which enables the correct conduct of maintenance processes.

The application is customizable to the needs of your business

O SAN Mobile está disponível para integração para o SAP ECC.
Além disso, o aplicativo possibilita a personalização através de um projeto de customização de acordo com as suas necessidades. É um aplicativo dimensionado para atender a todos os segmentos, mas respeitando as regras de negócios estabelecidos no SAP, sejam as padrões ou customizadas.

In this way, SAN Mobile can be incorporated into the processes and demands of your business, running smoothly and promoting fluid usability for the team.

SAN Mobile strengthens its security policies

Segurança é questão de compliance e é preciso da atenção de toda equipe.
Com o SAN Mobile, quando um profissional for executar uma Ordem de Serviço planejada no módulo PM do SAP, o aplicativo pode enviar alertas específicos sobre o local, incluindo:

  • Height Risks;
  • Danger of Electric Shock;
  • Confined spaces;
  • High temperatures.

Other information can be shown, such as the guarantees given to each equipment. Thus, professionals and technicians are able to carry out an in-depth reading of each situation and order of service.

Utilizar o SAN Mobile fomenta a sustentabilidade

Por fim, é importante entender que o SAN Mobile é um amigo das políticas sustentáveis. Como ele está integrado ao sistema, toda estrutura de Ordens e informações pode ser acessada no dispositivo móvel.

Thus, your PCM sector avoids printing sheets and more sheets of paper with different Work Orders.

Com isso, sua gestão da manutenção centraliza e facilita o trato com os dados, reduzindo custos periféricos e tornando sua empresa mais amiga do meio ambiente.

How about starting right now to revolutionize your maintenance management with SAN Mobile integrated with your SAP? It is the certainty of a more efficient and assertive execution to your maintenance team, reducing the chances of failures and increasing the productivity of each one!

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SAN Mobile – Mobility has arrived in Enterprise Maintenance

Recentemente o uso de dispositivos mobile aliados a aplicativos vem ganhando espaço nas atividades empresariais. Esse tipo de solução aliada com tecnologia tem chamado cada vez mais a atenção dos gestores de manutenção, que por sua vez desejam obter uma maior eficiência operacional e consequente redução de custos de manutenção. São tempos difíceis, com poucos recursos a disposição e por isso tona-se necessário conseguir fazer mais com menos.

A mobilidade para gestão da manutenção, já é realidade e está disponível para ser utilizada e aproveitada. Por isso, no post a seguir, abordaremos um pouco dessa solução e quais vantagens sua empresa pode ter ao adotá-la. Continue lendo!


Para quem já tem o SAP – PM – Manutenção da Planta implantado em sua empresa, percebe que falta algo a mais para potencializar a ferramenta e conseguir obter melhores resultados. Seguindo essa premissa, o SAN Mobile, aplicativo mobile desenvolvido pela Nalbatech, veio para turbinar seu ERP no que tange a Mobilidade na Manutenção da Planta.



Several SAP PM functionalities were transferred to the application, allowing access to any location of the company, even in situations where there is no ON-Line connection, since one of the main advantages of the application is to allow working offline.

Screen – SAN Mobile Menu

Through SAN Mobile, the company gains speed in accessing information, allowing the Maintenance Technician to access various information such as: Notes, Orders, Equipment, Installation Locations, Characteristics, Warranties, Measurement Documents, Confirmation of Individual and Collective Hours, in addition to to be able to create and view Attachments.

The idea is to add more functionality, in a practical and simple way, always looking for a value-added product that can really enhance the functionality of SAP PM.

SAN Mobile features











SAN Mobile was designed to be used in any segment. With few customizations it is adapted for your company, preserving all the existing business rules in SAP, whether they are standard or customized.


























With SAN Mobile, PCM no longer needs to print that huge amount of Service Orders. Everything is available on Técnico’s mobile device and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. And if it is OFF-Line, all changes made in the application will be synchronized with SAP PM, when it is ON-Line.

Safety and Warranty

When the Technician is executing a Service Order, SAN Mobile warns about the security conditions that the Site has, such as risks of electricity, height, confined spaces, etc. In addition, information on Warranties assigned to Equipment is also displayed.


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Collaboration: Adalberto Palmieri – SAP Consultant