About Sabesp

Sabesp is a company that provides water and waste collection services to more than 20 million people in the State of São Paulo.

The challenge

Export, process data from legacy system and import into SAP the data necessary to meet eSocial, Payroll, Inventory and Immobilization of Assets and Accounting. The proposal was to eliminate ABAP development and promote process improvements.

The solution

The partnership between Nalbatech and Sabesp started so that the company's challenges were overcome and the desired results achieved. It was with this focus that we were able to:

Data Extraction / Import

Data extraction from the SAP BSEG table (SAP FI module) for the purpose of accounting entry information for the period from April to December 2017 for the performance of KPMG's audit work.

The extraction of data manually as well as laborious could also generate doubts in the data, which would make the process impossible to be performed, and we performed it in 80 hours of a specialist in Process Runner.


Realization of Sanitation and massive load of data in record time of 16 different infotypes for more than 17 thousand employees that Sabesp could meet the standards and requirements of e-Social (SAP HR module).

Manual extraction would not meet the deadlines set by the government with high financial and operational risk. With two specialists in Process Runner in 6 months it was possible to carry out the data processing.



Realization of an application so that Sabesp employees have mobile access to the pay stub. The consultation was only possible to be carried out through the SABESP Portal (Intranet) on a workstation.

In two months we developed a mobile application that generates a possible PDF conversion file, allowing the employee to consult it.


Execution of a program to carry out the automated inventory write-off in the balance sheet. Manual labor would require incalculable effort and was performed by a specialist in 80 hours of development.


Generation of daily file with extraction of information from SAP and legacy systems generating periodic files with the accounting information necessary to understand accounts payable and receivable. The idea of ​​this demand was to monitor where in the accounts payable process the energy bill “was”, due to the high values ​​of the energy bills, the fines related to late payment are millionaires and through this solution it is possible understand where the payment is in order to avoid “entanglement” and late payments.


Several customized reports to meet recurring needs, but specific to the areas of HR, MM FI, CO.

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