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A survey released by HBR indicates that companies with less than 70% accuracy of data, make incorrect decisions 2 out of 3 times. Add to that, the number of attacks and breaches of security has increased exponentially in recent years, reaching $ 11.7 million average cost per company, according to research by Accure and the Ponemon Institute. Governance policies and information security need to run to keep up with innovations, without impeding the agility that is so desired in the business environment. How to do that and boost the business? Who should look at data quality? How to build a culture of accountability, capable of providing a safe environment? Seeking to generate insights that can help answer these questions, ebdi will develop in the first edition of Brain Interactivity | Data Governance, meeting for up to 50 leaders in the data and IT area, which will take place on June 5 and 6 in São Paulo, and Nalbatech will be present at this meeting. And our CEO, Francisco Bernabeu, will address the theme: The importance of protecting the development mat and the source code of the applications. Send an email to: With the hashtag #ebdiNALBATECH and participate! #nalbatech #bugscout #tecnologia #Cibersegurança

LGPD: 10 points to understand the new data protection law in Brazil

LGPD (Data Protection Law): 10 points to understand the new data protection law in Brazil

Do you know what LGPD is? It stands for General Data Protection Law, sanctioned by President Michel Temer with the aim of increasing the privacy of personal data and the power of regulators to inspect organizations. The document changes the Marco Civil da Internet and arrives at a favorable time, marked by large leaks of information and scandals that involve precisely the misuse of personal information.

As of now, companies have 18 months to adapt to the law. Failure to comply with these obligations can result, for example, in very high fines that even reach R $ 50 million for an infraction. Although this practice places Brazil in the group of countries considered adequate in protecting citizens’ privacy, the expectation is that the coming months will be difficult and planned within the corporations. Check out ten points to understand more about LGPD, accessing the link below:

Did you know that it is possible to measure and manage your risks on one platform?

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