Nalbatech has a strong presence at CNASI 2017

Nalbatech has a marked presence at CNASI 2017, the largest ICT Information Security, Audit and Governance Congress – 26th edition. The event took place on September 25 and 26

Nalbatech stood out with its exclusive partnership with BUGUROO.

For more than 15 years in the market, BUGUROO creates cutting edge solutions in the scope of cybersecurity thanks to the innovative vision of a young team with great talent.

Our cybersecurity tools are divided into two main areas: Online Fraud Prevention is Vulnerability Analysis in the Code.

bugFraud Defense, an online fraud solution that uses Deep learning and biometric analysis of users to detect and prevent threats to users of digital banking.

bugScout, a state-of-the-art source code analyzer that combines quality and security analysis to have the most complete risk detection associated with your source codes.