SAPPHIRE NOW & ASUG 2018 Annual Conference

June 5th to 7th | Orlando, USA

Between June 5 and 7, the SAPPHIRE NOW & ASUG Annual Conference 2018, the largest global business technology event organized by SAP and ASUG (America’s SAP User Group), will be held in Orlando, Florida. More than 20,000 SAP users will join this high-level event to experience revolutionary technologies. The agenda is promising: whether in presentations, interactive sessions or panel discussions, companies using SAP will discuss SAP S / 4HANA as a company’s digital core or SAP Leonardo as the new digital innovation system. And our CEO, Franscisco Bernabeu, is present at the event, together with our partners Innoewra, a Magnitude company, which empowers business users of all levels with agile SAP data management productivity tools. For more information visit the event visit: For more information about Innowera, visit:

Nalbatech Announces Managed Services for Process Automation in SAP

Focus is on process management for eSocial, Payroll, Inventory and Immobilization of Assets and Accounting. Proposal eliminates ABAP development and promotes improvements and new features in the management system.

Nalbatech, a company of the Nfq Group, specializing in consulting technologies for banks, capital markets and insurance, announces the offer of managed services in data management projects in the SAP environment and that involves mapping, migration, updating and integration of data from different sources, without the need for ABAP development. The focus is to promote improvements and new features in the system to meet the management of processes for eSocial, Payroll, Inventory and Fixed Assets and Accounting. The Innowera platform is the basic tool for delivering projects.

According to Francisco Bernabeu, director of NalbaTech, the company has a team of certified professionals in Innowera to take care of all phases of each project, including integration with legacy systems and components external to SAP. “Our managed services allow you to automate the maintenance and migration of data to SAP systems, without the need to write any line of code and from various data sources, such as Tibero, SAP Hana, Microsoft Excel, SQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Access, SharePoint etc. Our team will take care of all these processes, freeing the IT teams and SAP users of the companies for their priority activities ”, says the executive.

For the director of NalbaTech, the managed services of process automation in SAP present themselves with great competitive attraction because they dispense with the need for ABAP programming, which is the SAP programming language, and, in many cases, a bottleneck for companies, who need to invest in qualified personnel and have a lot of time for their projects. “By eliminating the programming of Z tables in the system and the need to work with SAP, companies using SAP obtain enormous savings in time and deadlines in all business processes. We have cases, for example, where there has been a reduction of more than 40% in the time foreseen for preparing for eSocial ”, he comments.

Nalbatech’s managed services follow the technological evolution required for business and the solutions are offered in SaaS models, both in the cloud and on-premise. “This model guarantees high availability, scalability, elasticity, secure integration with the client’s current infrastructure and investments that are adaptable to the client’s needs and capabilities”, explains the executive.

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