Security Leaders 2017

Nalbatech participated in one of the most intense panel discussions at the Security Leaders 2017 event. ( The debate brought the view of the supplier and the user about one of the most important and controversial services of a company: Information Security Outsourcing.

Our CEO Francisco Bernabeu stressed that for such an important topic, a partnership is needed:

“Start small and evolve together with your partner, until you reach the desired business speed” Francisco Bernabeu

The bugScout platform presented at the event had a very positive impact because it is the only complete platform that addresses vulnerabilities and QA.

Learn more about this platform:

Nalbatech brings innovative solutions to ASUG

At the last event, Nalbatech, took ASUG members some of the facilities of the tool focusing on the application of eSocial. Follow the link below for a simple demonstration of extraction and loading of massive data. In this example, the correction of some fields in infotype 0006 is used regarding the address register in SAP’s PA30 transaction in the HCM module, however, depending on demand, we can perform Robotic Process Automation (RPA) of different types of transactions, infotypes and analysis of data:

Innowera Process Runner dramatically reduces ongoing costs. It allows SAP users to automatically maintain and migrate data daily to their SAP systems without having to write a program. Use multiple data sources, such as Microsoft Excel, SQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Access, SharePoint, etc. to perform the drag and drop operation between these sources and your SAP system.
Here are the 5 ways Innowera has found to make SAP easier:
1 – Run SAP Excel
2 – Run SAP directly from your email
3 – Manage Server-Based Excel Workflows
4 – Don’t stick to a desk / DeskTop
5 – Use the WEB