Sanitation company optimizes data management with platform

Sabesp promotes improvements in the data management of the SAP solution with the support of Nalbatech.

Sabesp promotes improvements in the data management of the SAP solution with the support of Nalbatech.

SABESP, one of the largest basic sanitation companies in the world, which serves 367 municipalities in the State of São Paulo, benefiting more than 27.7 million people with water supply and 21.4 million people with sewage collection, contracted NalbaTech to promote improvements in data management in the SAP management system, from the implementation of the Innowera platform, designed for mapping, updating and integrating data from different sources and with a strong specialization in SAP.

According to the company, the choice of the Innowera tool meets a need by Sabesp, which was looking for a comprehensive solution to make improvements and new features in data management in the management system, without the need for major investments in development and customization in ERP. Nalbatech was selected for the project because it has a team of specialists in the Innowera solution and with a high capacity to understand the company’s needs related to the extraction, sanitation, preparation and import of data from various sources into SAP.

The preparation for the eSocial was the first stage of the project and involved the sanitation of data of more than 17 thousand employees of the company, taking into account the need for the correct sending of data and within the deadlines established for the Digital Obligation Bookkeeping System Tax, Social Security and Labor. The second stage will involve the immobilization of assets and will start in January 2018, as informed by Ricardo Carvalheiro, manager of the Information Systems Department (CIS) at Sabesp.

The company points out that, based on the ability of the Innowera tool to sanitize and manage data with management systems and the proximity of the eSocial effective date, Sabesp opted to start by treating and preparing employees’ social security and labor information.

“We put the platform to use very quickly and found that 41% of employees had some inconsistency in their registration, which could have a major impact on the material to be sent to eSocial, which could generate considerable delays and fines,” says Carvalheiro.

According to him, “carried out in a few weeks, this work for eSocial was a great success, both because of the fast time and the results. The Innowera tool also allowed the construction of macros in MS-Excel to facilitate the correction and adequacy of employee data for reloading in SAP, greatly reducing the working time of Human Resources teams. Activities that would take several months were carried out in a few days. As a result, we had a significant reduction in costs and time ”, points out Carvalheiro.

Sanitation and data comparison, pointing out errors for correction according to the rules and layout of e-Social (which has about 200 fields for each employee), as well as for any other legal and business obligations, are among the biggest benefits , according to him. “We are satisfied with the results and prepared for new challenges. In addition, with the expertise and experience of the NalbaTech team, it was possible to solve complex problems, by mapping needs and delivering a project very quickly ”, comments Sabesp’s CIS manager.

Another factor that weighed in the choice of the Innowera solution, according to Carvalheiro, was the platform’s specialization in the SAP environment, its ability to meet the security rules of the management system, such as consistencies and access profiles, for example. “This guarantees the safe execution of the processes and reduces the need to replicate these rules outside the ERP. The solution eliminated the manipulation and maintenance of data carried out manually by users, which led to error-prone processes and exhaustive tasks, in addition to affecting the security and quality of the data ”.

Osvaldo Antonio Pazianotto, CIO of Sabesp, comments that, as desired, the Innowera solution proved to be quite adherent to Sabesp’s business processes, delivering many benefits and, mainly, avoiding customizations and developments in the SAP ERP platform, which are complex and have high cost.

“Decision making is also benefited by the possibility of approving forms in real time directly on cell phones and e-mail, and reports obtained via extraction and connection between tables mapped within SAP make it easier to meet demand in record time. The benefits with Innowera and support from NalbaTech, are enormous. It is now possible to carry out more careful and analytical analysis of business information ”, he adds.